An environment to acquire
the language skills which exceed even
that of the native speakers.

Japanese Language courses at NJA are designed specifically for
the students to learn the language in an excellent environment.

5 Characteristics of NJA

Taught by Experienced
Native Japanese Teachers

  • All classes by level of individual ability

    Classes are divided by levels so the class which suits you best will be assigned for you.

  • All classes are taught
    in Japanese

    All classes are taught throughly in Japanese so your listening comprehension improves spontaniously.

  • Home room
    teacher system

    A home room teacher is assigned for a maximum of 24 students per class. Your learning progress will be closely monitored and supervised by the home room teacher.

  • Individual consultation
    for admission in tertiary education
    and job placement

    Individual goals are established between the time of entrance and graduation, and the guidance and support towards your goal is available throughout your student life.

A Comprehensive Support System

  • Pre and post
    arrival support

    To eliminate any kind of anxiety a comprehensive support system is available for you even before your arrival in Japan.

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  • Daily support

    Day to day support such as with administrative formalities and health consultation is available for safe and comfortable student life.

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  • Part-time job
    hunting support

    Landing a part time job might be essential for some students.
    Tips on job interviews and lessons for understanding local manners and rules are available.

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  • Scholarship

    Scholarship of Japan Student Services Organization and NJA scholarship programs are available.

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Safe and Comfortable
Learning Environment

  • Fussa City, an international and friendly environment for global citizens

    Located in the West of Tokyo with the large population of international residents, Fussa city is richly endowed with nature and the enviroment is perfectly suitable for your study as a foreign student.

  • Easy access (One hour train ride) to the center of Tokyo

    From JR Ome line Fussa station Shinjyuku and Tokyo stations are a little over one hour ride without having to switch trains.

  • Convinient access to supermarkets
    and public facilities

    24 hour supermarket, City library and gymnasium and other public facilities are all found in the vicinity of the school.

Student Dormitories
with Excellent Cost Performance

  • More budget-friendly than in central Tokyo

    Our dormitories are a great option for those who want to cut back on the living expenses.

  • Convinient

    School, supermarket, and railway station are all in the walking distance from the dormitories.

  • Start living from
    the day of arrival

    The house hold equipment such as furniture, electric appliances, and bedding are supplied and ready to use.

  • School cafeteria
    Joytel Fussa

    The cafeteria offers well-balanced meals at low cost to all NJA students.

Variety of Fun
Extracurricular Activities

  • School events

    As part of the school curriculum, variety of acitivities such as Sports day and BBQ picnic are planned each year providing students with opportunies to interact with their teachers and classmates in fresh environments, which in turn becomes a significant enrichment to their school life.

  • Free participation events

    Events are organized for those interested in experiencing a taste of Japanese culture in opportunities like watching live Sumo tournament, wearing Yukata and Kimono, being a part of a Tea Ceremony, Festival of the Weaver, celebrating fall foliage, cherry-blossom appreciation party, and interacting with Japanese high-school students.