You can study Japanese
while working part-time as a caregiver!

The goal is to obtain the N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience to work as a caregiver.
When you learn Japanese in our school,
you also can learn about the nursing care field by part-time work experience at a nursing home.
Supporting the elderly is a difficult but rewarding job.
After graduation, students will enter a caregiver training school or will
start workingas a fulltime caregiver in a nursing home to gain work experience
in order to pass the national caregiver examination.

Class Outline

  1. You can work part-time at a nursing home immediately after entering Japan even if you don’t have any experience as a caregiver, thus you gain experience in nursing care while studing Japanese
  2. You can learn the special term of nursing care field, the basic manners for work and the Japanese way of thinking
  3. We provide the solid support after graduation through cooperation with caregiver training schools and nursing homes
  4. There are scholarship programs to help your tuition fees

Class Information

Who may apply
  1. Those who have completed 12 years of schooling in their home country or have an equivalent qualification
  2. Those who wish to work in a care home in Japan and are capable of serious academic study
Type of Visa required
Student visa
School admission period
April, July, October, January
Class duration
April admission: 1 or 2 years
July admission: 1 year and 9 months (or 21months)
October admission: 1 year and 6 months (or 18months)
January admission: 1 year and 3 months (or 15 months)
Class dates
5 days a week. Monday to Friday
Class hours
AM class or PM class
  • 9:00 to 12:30 (1 class 45mins ×4)
  • 13:30 to 16:55 (1 class 45mins ×4)

*Decided at schoolʼs discretion


  • (Lower intermediate)
  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Preparation for Japanese Language Proficiency Test
  • Japanese Conversation (general・business)
  • Japanese Affairs


  • Individual consultation
  • Prep for Japanese Language
    Proficiency Test
  • Prep for National Nursing Exam